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Tom Ford Ombré Leather | Honest Fragrance Review

A Fresh Leather Jacket – Tom Ford Ombre Leather Fragrance Review

In this article, I’ll be providing a review on Tom Ford Ombre Leather a fragrance by the house of Tom Ford as evident by the name.

Tom Ford Ombré Leather exemplifies the brand’s effective market positioning: it’s in between popular, and elite. Great broad appeal, yet nonetheless distinctive, and of sufficient quality to warrant its price tag. Even the cheesy French-English name works in this context.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather is a rich, manly, and warm scent. It may seem strange, but it smells like the inside of a brand new luxury automobile with leather upholstery in the finest conceivable way, or a high quality leather jacket. When I wear Ombre Leather it inspires me to be the greatest, and most best version of myself, since it reminds me that this is a fragrance for high quality individuals. Even though I’m just in my early twenties, I think this smell is a great fit for me.

The leather impression becomes more refined, and well-behaved after an opening of misdirected juicebox sweetness, and a period of saffron-infused Play-Doh. Ombré Leather is light, dust-free, and non-greasy perfume.

Ombré Leather essentially smells like Tuscan Leather, with a few slight changes here, and there to make the composition more clean, and wearable. The price difference between the two is significant enough that I recommend you go straight for this release if you want to save money while still getting a similar scent.


Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather is an opulent leather scent that has a long lasting sillage. It is, in my opinion, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather’s younger sibling, and it is reasonably priced for the quality of perfume you get.

The smoothness, and mix quality of Ombré Leather sets it apart from other leather scents. There’s a hint of spice here, but it’s not as strong as Guerlain Bois Mysterieux. There’s enough leather, but it’s not as animalistic like Tuscan Leather.

Tom Ford’s Ombré Leather is a Leather scent for both men and women. 2018 saw the release of Ombré Leather. Sonia Constant is the nose behind this perfume. Cardamom is the top note, followed by Leather and Jasmine Sambac, and Amber, Moss, and Patchouli for the middle and base notes, respectively.


When you first smell Ombré Leather, it will remind you of Tuscan Leather. Even though Tom Ford claims there is no raspberry note present in the fragrance composition, it is very much present. However, it is less prominent than the raspberry note present in Tuscan Leather. Unmistakably, the familiar fruitiness of Tuscan Leather is present in this perfume as well. Saffron is another “secret” note that the brand fails to report. It’s found in a lot of high-end perfumes, and anyone who’s familiar with the note will recognise it immediately.

The introduction of Jasmine Sambac, and dusty amber warms up the smell in the heart notes. The flowery sweetness is irresistible, and the quality is comparable to Chanel scents. Because this is a pure leather aroma, the elegant floral component never takes center stage, and the fragrance dances on the ideal line between being entirely unisex, and leaning slightly more masculine.

From top to bottom, the scent profile of Ombre Leather is clean, and well-balanced, making it difficult to detect other nuances aside from that “to die for” leather note. Due to the lack of a “ashy” note present in the fragrance, it smells the most like Tuscan Leather in the dry down. Personally, I think it’s the greatest suede leather scent on the market. The one I’ve worn the most, and the one I could picture virtually anyone wearing.

Ombré Leather is a great introductory fragrance for individuals who want to get into leather themed fragrances, that utilize leather as a prominent note in their formulation. This is due to the fact that it isn’t too pricey, and smells great. It is also welcomed by those who aren’t massively into fragrances. You might get the occasional complement from a stranger. In general you will smell “special”, and “different” compared to other perfume wearers near you.

Fragrance Facts – Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Who is the perfumer behind Tom Ford Ombre Leather?

Sonia Constant

What notes are in Tom Ford Ombre Leather?

Jasmine Sambac

How is the sillage, and longevity of Tom Ford Ombre Leather?

Tom Ford Ombre Leather has decent projection, and average sillage. The performance of the fragrance is marvellous, it smells great, and is a mass appealing leather fragrance.

The lifespan of the Tom Ford Ombre Leather is exceptional. I can get around 12+ hours of solid use from this fragrance. Moreover, the fragrance keeps it character throughout its lifespan, and delivers on it promise of keeping you smelling like a leather studded gentleman. The fragrance is a great value for money, considering it smells high quality, and has excellent longevity. I appreciate the fragrance carrying me throughout the day. The sillage, and projection might are above average, this perfume will definitely get you noticed even after hours of wear.

How versatile is Tom Ford Ombre Leather?

Tom Ford Ombre Leather is unusually versatile. Definitely something to wear in the cooler months (autumn and winter), but it can be worn for any event. Although it’s a touch risky with that leathery feeling, and the amount of earthiness present in it. It seems like a really sophisticated perfume, and it doesn’t feel like your standard mass-appealing fragrance, which helps it stand out. However, it is still a widely liked fragrance, compared to other leather offerings. This fragrance has a unique scent profile that may be added to one’s collection, and rotation during the fall and winter seasons.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather is a sexy, and flexible leather scent that has been crafted exceptionally well. Amazing, photo-realistic leather note with exactly the right amount of sweetness, and spice to keep its edge. This makes it a dream for a leather lover, while making it universally appealing. A high-quality fragrance composition.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather is best worn in the cooler months of the year, the leather note, and spicy charactertists of the fragrance make it ideal for colder days. It’s true that a little goes a long way. It can be worn for any occasion, but I’ll not recommend it for upscale events. This fragrance is an absolute beast.

Ombre Leather’s rich, high-quality black leather isn’t harsh or overpowering. It does enable the floral notes to breathe! The mix of leather and jasmine astounds me. It becomes amber smoky towards the finish, leaving you with a mystery, and dark delightful gratifying aroma that you can’t get enough of. Ombre Leather to me is how an iconic perfume should smell. Smooth, and silky leather with a graceful, and beautiful touch.

Fragrance Classification – Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Tom Ford Ombre Leather Fragrance Review


A clever reinterpretation of Tuscan Leather, one of Tom Ford’s most recognisable perfumes. Ombre Leather retains the original’s cocaine-caked whip crack leather, but the luscious raspberry is replaced with a breezy, fresh, almost melon-like jasmine. The rich, cosmopolitan black leather is unaffected, yet the floral nuances give it a little breathing room. It’s very remarkable what jasmine can do when paired with leather. There’s just something about the open, breezy freshness of this fragrance that I really like.

For business or day trips, Ombré Leather is a fantastic perfume. Except on the warmer days. If you enjoy jasmine notes, or leather accords, this is a must-have. Ombré leather is soft enough to be pleasing, and safe. Moreover, it’s perfectly mixed, and appeals to enthusiast noses.

If you enjoy a nice jasmine scent or leather accords, this is a must-have. Ombré leather is soft enough to be pleasing and safe, but it’s also perfectly mixed and cleanly portrayed to appeal to enthusiast noses.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Tom Ford Ombre Leather by Tom Ford. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on Ombre Leather in the comments. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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