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Kilian Angels’ Share | Honest Fragrance Review

Sophisticated Deliciousness – Kilian Angels’ Share Fragrance Review

In this article, I’ll be providing a review on Kilian Angels’ Share a fragrance by the house of Kilian as evident by the name.

In my view, Angels Share is one of Kilian’s greatest scents. This is a dish for gourmands, and spicy oriental perfume fans. To my nose, Angels’ Share smells like plain apple pie filling. It’s simultaneously sweet, warm, and seductive. The cinnamon, Cognac, and Tonka show brightly in Angels Share. This is a truly unisex scent, It smells great on all sexes.

Angels’ Share is a superbly mature gourmand that balances sweet notes of cognac, and cinnamon with a subtle woodiness to keep the near-cloying vanilla, and praline from overpowering, and cheapening the scent. It’s delectable, seductive, and young while still being a mature perfume.

The name “Angel’s Share” or “Gulp of Angels” originated from the field of whiskey manufacturing, although it can also refer to wine or cognac. It mystically depicts the process of evaporation that happens when the liquid more or less vanishes from long barrel ageing. A beautiful name for a thoroughly successful Eau de Parfum that puts its accents on the gourmand side of the fragrance world.

Kilian Angles Share starts with a pretty boozy top note, not alcoholic but quite appetising. This note is present throughout the scent. A sweetish praline, and cinnamon accord is added after the foundation, making the aroma more gourmet. You feel like biting yourself because it smells so good. The oak wood is included since the Angels Share process takes place in wooden barrels, making the aroma somewhat more manly, and more suitable to a male.


Kilian Hennessy is a descendent of the family that owns famed Hennessy Cognac brand. Despite being offered internships in the family business when he was younger, he went his own way to create his own high-end perfume line. He pays homage to his families legacy with Angels Share. Angels Share is a perfume to wear from night to dawn at a fashionable party.

By Kilian’s Angels’ Share is an Amber Vanilla scent for ladies and men. In the year 2020, Angels’ Share debuted. Benoist Lapouza is the perfumer behind this scent. Cognac is the top note, followed by Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, and Oak, with Praline, Vanilla, and Sandalwood as the middle and base notes.


Angels’ Share begins with a magnificent, colorful, shimmering cognac note that starts at the top. Kilian isn’t joking when they claim cognac as a “top note.” The photorealistic, French white oak cask-aged alcoholic cognac note, replete with barrel sediment and all – screams at application, but swiftly calms, and gives way to the heart in a matter of minutes, while a cognac harmony persists for the majority of the wear. We’ve got bourbon vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, a warm rich Amber, and praline at this stage. The caramel/dulce de leche, nutty hazelnut-like creamy filling is more important in the praline than the chocolate. The cinnamon is gradually pushed back by these sweet, gourmet elements, creating a better balance.

As the scent develops, the sweetness remains constant, but the cinnamon fades out, enabling some of the woodier underlying accords to emerge – oak, perhaps, but definitely a slight creamy sandalwood component – that work nicely with the sweetness while also adding some dryness. You receive a cinnamon-dominant, sweet, creamy, festive spicy warm, but clearly NOT dark experience from start to end.

Angels’ Share makes it evident from the first impression that we’re dealing with a full-bodied Kilian that wants to be viewed as noble. I assumed whiskey would play a part in the fragrance, based on the design of the the bottle. However, it appears that cognac was the aim, with a fat lump of cinnamon, and a knife tip of vanilla, aged in oak wood.

Some people may find the sweet/sharp contrast present in Angles Share too much for them. It’s not one of the sweetest boozy scents I’ve ever smelled, nor is it too nutty. Still, it leans heavily toward the sweet cognac, followed by nutty accords, and then some woods, with oak appearing the most to my nose.

Fragrance Facts – Kilian Angels’ Share

Who is the perfumer behind Kilian Angels’ Share?

Benoist Lapouza

What notes are in Kilian Angels’ Share?

Tonka Bean

How is the sillage, and longevity of Kilian Angels’ Share?

Kilian Angels’ Share has excellent projection, and a monstrous sillage. The performance of the fragrance is marvellous, it smells great, and is one of the nicest gourmand fragrances recently released.

The lifespan of the Kilian Angels’ Share is exceptional. I can get around 12+ hours of solid use from this fragrance. Moreover, if the perfume is sprayed on clothes, it tends to stay on the article of clothing unless it’s washed. I absolutely adore the longevity of thus fragrance, and it holds my hand throughout the day. The fragrance is an average value for money, It smells high quality, has excellent longevity, and performance is top notch. However, I consider it to be a tad expensive for the volume its offered at. This perfume will definitely get you noticed even after hours of wear.

How versatile is Kilian Angels’ Share?

Kilian Angels’ Share is not a versatile fragrance in my opinion. It smells great, and performance is excellent. However, it is only applicable in certain situations. Definitely something to wear in the cooler months (autumn and winter), and events that are upscale. This fragrance due to its monstrous projection is also a good fit for clubbing environments.

Overall, Kilian’s Angels’ Share is a real “love” for me. It’s nuclear, elegant, refined, and while it’s synthetic, it’s ultra-modern, 100 percent unisex, and combines the second most beautiful cognac note I’ve ever smelled with one of the most fitting festive fragrances to wear throughout in the autumn season. It provides an olfactory experience that truly elevates even the most mundane tasks.

Kilian’s Angels Share is best worn in the cooler months of the year, the cognac note, and sweet charactertists of the fragrance make it ideal for colder days. It’s true that a little goes a long way. It can be worn for many different occasion, but I’ll recommend to keep it reserved for special events.

Angels Share is a wonderful, sweet, boozy vanilla/tonka bomb that you’d surely want on a jumper when you took it out of the closet—and in which department, this would never fail to deliver with its tremendous longetivity, and sillage. This is an absolute beast of a fragrance.

Fragrance Classification – Kilian Angels’ Share

Kilian Angels' Share Fragrance Review


Kilian Angels Share has a really unusual, and enticing gourmet aroma. Cognac has a dominant cinnamon flavour, balanced by a hint of pralines, and vanilla sweetness, with a little woodiness in the background. It’s definitely worth a shot. Unisex, long-lasting, and has a pleasant sillage.

Kilian Angels Share is a lovely, sophisticated scent. It’s a fantastic perfume for nightclubs and fancy parties. For scent connoisseurs, at least a decant is advised. I cannot advocate a blind buy due to the price, and specificity of this fragrance.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Kilian Angels’ Share by Kilian. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on Angles Share in the comments. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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