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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense | Fragrance Review

True Summer Classic – Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Fragrance Review

In this article, I’ll be providing a review on Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense. A fragrance by the house of Dolce & Gabbana as evident by the name.

I’m not normally a fan of mild aquatic scents that are available on the market today. So I didn’t have high hopes for Light Blue Pour Homme Eau Intense. This family of perfumes receives a lot of (expensive) commercial attention from D&G. Most likely, their goal is to persuade buyers that wearing this fragrance would make them seem like David Gandy, a well-built D&G model. I suppose; That’s how I view the advertisements at-least. Last year, I was looking for a new gym perfume (necessary with some mandarine), and decided to blind buy this Light Blue flanker. If it turns out I actually turn into a male model than it’s a sweet deal.

However, I’m glad that I did give Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense a chance. It pleasantly surprised me, and I consider that to be a really good summer fragrance.

I can completely see why D&G Light Blue Intense is so popular. It has a lovely fruity opening of grapefruit, and orange that fades to a saline, clean, musky finish. It smells just like you’ve just gotten out of the water on a hot summer day, which makes it ideal for summer. It’s popular, like other blue perfumes, but it’s not a generic ‘aftershave,’ and it’s actually pretty unique, and distinct. The performance is likewise excellent for a fresh aroma that will endure for the most of the day.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense is a refreshing scent for the summer. It’s appropriate for both the evening, and the day. It’s not a light, fresh perfume; it’s more on the heavier side, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a summer aroma. To my nose, the sea notes are the most prominent, while citrus notes are considerably less. If you enjoy sea vibes, and want a little more depth, and weight to your blue fragrances giving Light Blue Eau Intense a try is a must for you.


Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue Eau Intense was launched in 2007 as a dynamic, manly counterpart to Dolce&Gabbana’s popular feminine scent. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas continues to tell the narrative with Light Blue Eau Intense pour Homme: the trademark contrast of freshness, and sensuality becomes even more powerful.

Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme is a Woody Aquatic fragrance for men. Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme was released in 2017. Alberto Morillas is the man behind this scent. Grapefruit, and Mandarin Orange are in the top notes; sea water and Juniper are in the middle notes; while Musk and Amberwood are in the base notes.


D&G Light Blue Eau Intense opens with a very distinct sea water accord, which may elicit strong emotions in those with untrained nooses. The bitterness of grapefruit is blended with this note. The introduction is powerful but not obnoxious, and it subsequently settles down wonderfully.

The drydown is rather unexpected, and it may be the most attractive aspect of the Light Blue Eau Intense: a synthetic musky accord with a juicy sweet orange note combo. The musky note adds a bit of dirt to the orange – mandarin, just enough to make the blend more manly. It is extremely remarkable that the orange mandarin note appears out of nowhere after so many hours. Every time I wear this scent, it astounds me.

We arrive at the heart note after 1-2 hours. From here on out, D&G Light Blue Eau Intense woody-harsh-freshly-cool with a subliminal sweetness that my garden-affine companion immediately identified as “calendula.”

D&G Light Blue Eau Intense is a great summer scent for anything above 25 degrees, and even better if it’s over 30 degrees. This scent is incredibly refreshing, and is ideal for summer, sun, and sunlight!

Fragrance Facts – Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

Who is the perfumer behind Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense?

Alberto Morillas

What notes are in Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense?

Mandarin Orange
Sea Water

How is the sillage. and longevity of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense?

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense has excellent projection, and sillage. The performance of the fragrance is incredible. Especially for a blue fragrance. However, I’d recommend to get the full effect of this fragrance, you should use it in high heat, and It’ll engulf you in it’s magically scent bubble. Hands down the best fragrance for high heat days, I can get a solid full day use from it.

The lifespan of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense is very good. I can get around 8-9 hours of solid use from this fragrance. D&G Light Blue Eau Intense is a great everyday fragrance for the summer. The fragrance is a great value for money, considering it smells great, has excellent performance, and is blended beautifully. The price to performance ratio for fragrance is very good. It is a mega fragrance in my opinion, and worthy to be in your summer scent rotation.

How versatile is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense?

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense has very good versatility for the summer season. I’d avoid using it in any other weather. It is perfect for any occasion, any time of day. The perfume might have problems developing properly blow 25 degree celsius, The fragrance can be worn by any age group, and would compliment any style of clothing.

For a fresh blue fragrance, the performance is excellent. D&G Light Blue Eau Intense is a wonderful, adaptable scent that works well in the summer, and can remind anyone who gets a whiff of it about a vacation at the beach.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense DNA is primarily linear. What you receive at the very top is basically what you’ll get for the rest of it’s life. The sour grapefruit is the sole note that diminishes after a few hours, and the juniper emerges a bit more. Many perfumes have a top note that smells like this one, but what makes this one unique is how long the scent lasts, and how far it reaches.

Overall, this is a great blue summer fragrance. It gives me classic summer aquatic vibes through, and through. If you prefer these kinds of perfumes, you should definitely give Light Blue Eau Intense a try; it’s one of the best on the market, in my opinion. For an aquatic smell, longevity and silage are ideal. I realize there’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s done so wonderfully that I can’t help but like it.

Fragrance Classification – Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Fragrance Review


Anyone who has smelled Alberto Morillas’ Acqua di Gio Profumo would immediately recognise D&G Light Blue Eau Intense as a “aromatic sea note” fragrance. It’s well-rounded, well put together, somewhat green, naturally zesty, clean, and sharpened by the juniper, which cuts through the sweeter parts of the citrus to keep it fascinating, and fresh-smelling. It has a soapiness that reminds me of a bubble bath in the greatest manner conceivable. All in all, an excellent fragrance.

D&G Light Blue Eau Intense is an absolutely wonderful scent. It’s all about the summer feelings. It’s just a pleasant scent. It’s one of just two perfumes I’ve tried that can transport me to a tropical location, the other being Creed’s Virgin Island Water. The saline note complements the aquatic, citrus, and flowery elements well. It’s not overtly macho, but it’s a good pick for a guy who wants to smell like a man. It’s a no-brainer buy for any male in your life, and a pretty safe bet as a present.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on Light Blue Intense in the comments. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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