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Dior Eau Sauvage | Honest Fragrance Review

Perfection Of A Bygone Era – Dior Eau Sauvage Fragrance Review

In this article, I’ll be providing a review on Dior Eau Sauvage a fragrance by the house of Dior as evident by the name.

Dior Eau Sauvage exemplifies classic workmanship. You’re transported to the 1960s, and immersed in a beautiful sense of freedom. The flavours of lemon, basil, and bergamot are all over the place. This scent has a lot of angles and edges, yet it’s never childish, never overly sweet, and never dull. This perfume has been the rave for many decades now, and it still keeps on giving. A undeniable classic superstar.

Throughout history, there have been pivotal moments without which the evolution of art as a medium would be unthinkable.

Can one picture classical music without Beethoven’s Ninth, and Mozart’s Requiem, fiction without Joyce’s Ulysses, cinema without Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, jazz without Miles Davis, On The Waterfront without Brando, etc., within the narrow realm of art, full of successes and miracles?

The world is full with graceful and humble triumphs like those listed above, and one such hypnotic achievement to honor the world of perfumery is ascribed to the house of Dior, in the shape and essence of Eau Sauvage, which was introduced in 1966. A truly revolutionary scent.

The emergence of Dior Eau Sauvage was the most pre-diluvean and ante-diluvean phase in the history of contemporary perfumery.

Eau Sauvage just extended, and broadened the boundaries for current perfumers to experiment, and create with the cologne’s classic structure. Every stride forward in the growth of this precious land is a step closer to paying homage to this masterpiece. Comparisons are unavoidable. This giant’s shadow casts such a long shadow.

My fascination with fragrances stems with Dior Eau Sauvage. I’ve never been so taken aback by the elegance, and simplicity of a perfume’s formulation. When I first smelled it, I had no idea about perfumes, but I knew this elegant flacon held something exceptional, and it had to be the first perfume I ever bought.


Dior Eau Sauvage was the first fragrance to be released by the house of Dior targeted towards men.

Dior developed a fashion statement that has become a fundamental aspect of men’s grooming, and vogue. Without it, it would be difficult for men to assert and flaunt their masculinity. Just look at its renowned commercial campaigns, which feature an animated naked guy wearing just a tiny towel, and clutching an Eau Sauvage bottle as if his life depended on it.

Dior’s Eau Sauvage is a Citrus Aromatic scent for men. Eau Sauvage was first introduced in 1966. Edmond Roudnitska is the nose behind this scent. Lemon, Bergamot, Basil, Rosemary, Caraway, and Fruity Notes are in the top notes; Jasmine, Coriander, Carnation, Patchouli, Orris Root, Sandalwood, and Rose are in the middle notes; and Oakmoss, Vetiver, Musk, and Amber are in the base notes.


Dior Eau Sauvage is a genuine powerhouse of an eau de cologne, with a powerful citrus top that has a chilly sting to it. It gives the idea of being something exceptional, and it is, as it grows into so much more.

Eau Sauvage starts with a burst of brilliant, icy-fresh lemon, and sharp bergamot. After a time, damp, herbal green notes emerge, with fresh basil, and something resembling verbena. Petitgrain-like green notes emerge, fragrant like freshly snapped young twigs. Caraway gives a wonderful sense of spiciness, and a dash of clove-like carnation completes the picture. The rosemary has a pine scent, which, when combined with the dry, grassy vetiver that blooms early, evokes a forest floor. Overall, Dior Eau Sauvage has a great citrus-fougère opening that is backed up by restrained spicy notes.

A woody-floral harmony emerges as Eau Sauvage develops, reminiscent of old Diorella. Individual notes are difficult to discern when the music is well-balanced, even abstract. The lavender note, which is normally fragrant and medicinal, is strong, anchoring the core of ES, and keeping things masculine. On a woody background of dry vetiver and gentle sandalwood, there’s a trace of ripe jasmine. Later, orris root develops, providing a powdery coolness reminiscent of iris.

Dior Eau Sauvage transitions into chypre region as it dries down, becoming gently mossy, with woody notes and vetiver persisting until the last fade. It’s light and breezy throughout, and it’s one of the best-balanced smells I’ve ever encountered. As it fades to a skin fragrance, it becomes musky.

Fragrance Facts – Dior Eau Sauvage

Who is the perfumer behind Dior Eau Sauvage?

Edmond Roudnitska

What notes are in Dior Eau Sauvage?

Fruity Notes
Orris Root

How is the sillage. and longevity of Dior Eau Sauvage?

Dior Eau Sauvage has average projection, and sillage. The performance of the fragrance is quite good. Especially for a fresh fragrance. The perfume has excellent projection for the first two hours of its lifetime. It an excellent fragrance for rocking any time of the year, I can get a solid full day use from it.

The lifespan of Dior Eau Sauvage is very good. I can get around 6-7 hours of solid use from this fragrance. Dior Eau Sauvage is a great everyday fragrance for any time of the year. The fragrance is an excellent value for money, considering it smells great, has good performance, and is an icon of modern perfumery. The price to performance ratio for fragrance is very good. It is a mega fragrance in my opinion, and worthy to be in your fragrance collection.

How versatile is Dior Eau Sauvage?

Dior Eau Sauvage has very good versatility throughout the year. It is perfect for any occasion, any time of day. The perfume might have problems developing properly in cold weather, but that may be for very chilly days. The fragrance can be worn by people who are in their mid 20’s and above, and would compliment any style of clothing.

Dior Eau Sauvage performance is excellent. Eau Sauvage is a wonderful, adaptable scent that works for any season. It has enough class/sophistication to be rocked at any event, any time of the day, and it will never smell out of place.

Dior Eau Sauvage is an all-time classic perfume. This is a stunning fragrance that should be in man’s collection. Eau Sauvage, like a superb wine, improves with age. If you give this scent a chance, and are of a more mature age or at least have a taste for subtle smells, you can’t go wrong. The vintage formulation in the contemporary tan box is just to die for.

Eau Sauvage may appear easy, but it has the effect of making you feel fresh, clean, seductive, and daringly adventurous all at once. Perfect for a hot summer day after a swim or shower, but also for a pristine white shirt and work suit. It is an excellent fragrance, that still has a place in the world. Daring, sharp, elegant, and polished while remaining pleasingly unoffencive.

Fragrance Classification – Dior Eau Sauvage

Dior Eau Sauvage Fragrance Review


Dior Eau Sauvage is the Holy Grail of fragrances, and any collector’s collection would be incomplete without it. Grab it, latch on to it, if only to prove that you are a genuine perfume connoisseur.

Eau Sauvage is a real classic. My father used this in the 70s, and every time I smell it, I’m taken back to my youth, kissing my father’s cheek, and finding it perfumed from his Eau Sauvage aftershave, and chilly from the car air conditioner blowing on his face.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Dior Eau Sauvage. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on Eau Sauvage in the comments below. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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