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Tom Ford Noir Extreme | Honest Fragrance Review

Sexy Gourmand – Tom Ford Noir Extreme Fragrance Review

In this article, I’ll be providing a review on Tom Ford Noir Extreme a fragrance by the house of Tom Ford as evident by the name.

Tom Ford is known for taking chances with fragrances, especially with the early releases in the 2000s. Black Orchid, Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood, and Tuscan Leather were pioneers, and they remain such to this day. Noir Extreme is one that is a little different, it’s more mainstream, and less risky than the one’s i’ve mentioned before. Yet it is a beautifully crafted, stunner of a gourmand fragrance.

As a lover of sweet, and gourmand scents; What interests me about Tom Ford Noir Extreme is its originality. I haven’t come up with a perfume yet that comes close this fragrances exquisite balance of sweet with spice. While this perfume definitely you stand out in a crowd, it also creates a wonderfully warm, welcoming, soft, and snug feel-good atmosphere around it’s wearer. Although Noir Extreme necessitates a sweet-toothed olfactory openness, it never manages to be piercing or cheap-sweet. In comparison with many of its Private Blend siblings, I believe this perfume to be substantially less controversial while maintaining the high quality perfumery we’ve come to expect from Tom Ford fragrances.

Noir Extreme is far from a plain or uninteresting scent. It is described as a sweet gourmet, yet it comes across as pleasant without being too sugary, as gourmands are prone to do. The citrus notes present in the top notes are what give it its lightness, in my opinion.

The notes in Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme are intricately intertwined, creating an extraordinarily powerful, warm, and inviting fragrance. The smell is never overpowering or obtrusive in my opinion.


Tom Ford first released a member of its Noir line back in 2012. This was dubbed Noir Eau de Parfum. Following this another member was welcome into the Noir line called Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilette in 2013. In May 2015 Tom Ford Noir Extreme was released as a new candidate in the Noir fragrance line.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme shows a fresh side of the Noir guy. Noir Extreme depicts the aspect of the man who thrives in immoderation, and dares to be unusual. The fragrance envelops its wearer in an amber-drenched, woody oriental smell with a seductive, and delightful heart.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme takes inspiration from the South Asian desert Kulfi. A desert similar to ice cream, which is prepared using ingredients such as saffron, and cardamom.

Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme is a masculine Amber Woody scent. Sonia Constant is the perfumer behind this scent. Cardamom, Nutmeg, Saffron, Mandarin Orange, and Neroli are the top notes; Kulfi, Rose, Mastic or Lentisque, Jasmine, and Orange Blossom are the middle notes; Vanilla, Amber, Woody Notes, and Sandalwood are the base notes.


Tom Ford Noir Extreme starts with a mild projection of kulfi, vanilla, white floral, and delicate spicy accords, all of which are quite pleasant and sweet. There is also a smidgeon of mandarin orange, accompanied by the note of Kulfi which is a gourmand note that gives a very sweet, milky, creamy, delicious dessert-like harmony to the fragrance. The next note is vanilla, which is fragrant, sweet, and dominant, and goes well with the kulfi. The white flowery notes of jasmine and orange blossom encircle the sweet kulfi, and vanilla. Both nutmeg, and cardamom are spicy support notes that are immediately perceptible when the bottle is opened.

The roses emerge as the fragrance dries down, but they are not overpowering; they provide a light and delicate touch to the saffron and jasmine notes, while the sandalwood and woody notes add depth to the perfume. Finally, the amber provides a sweet and powdery tone that envelops all of the notes. The fading of the mandarin orange, which was only an initial whiff, and the subtle development of the woody accords towards the dry-down are the most prominent changes from the opening to the dry-down.

The scent may be described as sweet, ambery, gourmand-like, kulfi, white floral, and spicy smell with soft woody overtones after it has achieved its complete dry-down. Comforting, creamy, delightful, flowery, gourmet, welcoming, mature, milky, natural, rich, sticky, sweet, syrupy, warm, somewhat woody, and pleasant.

Fragrance Facts – Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Who is the perfumer behind Tom Ford Noir Extreme?

Sonia Constant

What notes are in Tom Ford Noir Extreme?

Mandarin Orange
Orange Blossom
Woody Notes

How is the sillage, and longevity of Tom Ford Noir Extreme?

Tom Ford Noir Extreme has decent projection, and average sillage. The performance of the fragrance is above average, it smells like a mix of sweet, and spicy notes. It is a mass appealing gourmand fragrance.

The lifespan of the Tom Ford Noir Extreme is great but nothing out of the ordinary for a sweet gourmand fragrance. I can get around 8 hours of solid use from this fragrance. Moreover, the fragrance keeps it character throughout its lifespan, and keeps you smelling delectable throughout its lifespan. The fragrance is an excellent value for money, considering it smells high quality, has good projection, and great longevity. The fragrance exudes a sweet, and spicy sensual aura that envelops its wearer. Noir Extreme is an excellent perfume for garnering compliments, and getting noticed.

How versatile is Tom Ford Noir Extreme?

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is quite versatile. It is a fragrance best worn in the cooler months (autumn and winter) of the year. However, it would work for any event during those seasons. So feel free to rock it in a wedding, at a family dinner, or a special night out with your loved one. It’s a very intriguing, and alluring scent so it could also work well for more closer quarter interactions. People close to you will feel a tingle of familiarity, and warmth when you walk passed them. This fragrance has a unique scent profile that may be added to one’s collection, and rotation during the fall, and winter seasons.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a sexy, and flexible gourmand scent that has been crafted exceptionally well. A high-quality fragrance composition, that is mass-appealing, and smells delectable.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is best worn in the cooler months of the year, the sweet powdery notes, and spicy charactertists of the fragrance make it ideal for colder days. It’s true that a little goes a long way. It can be worn for any occasion. This fragrance is an absolute star compared to other designer offerings.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a highly seductive, and innovative smell. A scent that conveys mystery and warmth, and is easy for a woman to adore on a male. It starts out strong and pungent, then settles down into a more forgiving, lingering mist. The vanilla is just sweet enough, and the spicy nature of Kulfi+Saffron makes anybody who smells it interested, and want to take another sniff.

Fragrance Classification – Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Fragrance Review


Noir Extreme never fails to make my mouth water, It surrounds me with an incredibly nice aura that draws the attention of my fellow humans. It’s exceptionality, durability, and originality all go hand in hand making it a 10/10 fragrance in my opinion.

Kulfi, a typical Indian pistachio ice cream delicacy, is featured in Noire Extreme. It’s really creamy, rich, little nutty, and spicy right off the bat. Cardamom and nutmeg provide depth and exotic sensations to the sweetness with their warm spicy undertones. The spices are apparent, but the sweet gourmand accord still dominates the smell. There are a few flower accents. Like Vanille Fatale and F Fabulous, it possesses Tom Ford’s playful, sensuous DNA.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Tom Ford Noir Extreme by Tom Ford. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on Noir Extreme in the comments. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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