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Montblanc Legend EDT | Honest Fragrance Review

An Already Known DNA Revised | Montblanc Legend Fragrance Review

In this article, I’ll be providing a review on Montblanc Legend. A fragrance by the house of Montblac as evident by the name.

Montblanc Legend is a straightforward, gentle, and laid-back fragrance. a fruity scent with floral, and lavendar undertones towards the base. The fruit patch makes me think of Aventus a little. Legend is a touch dusty, but not too transparent. You might not receive enough compliments, but you also won’t receive any criticism. You may wear this safe scent wherever.

Montblanc Legend is a timeless scent with a faint barbershop aroma that works for a variety of events, and settings. It is a traditional smell with a mild fruit sweetness, and a relaxing, woodsy dry down. It has a crisp, fresh, but refined scent that is sure to get compliments. It starts out with a strong alcohol-like, artificial flavor before turning sweet with a foundation of wood and spices. An excellent smell to wear after stepping out of the shower, as well as one that is ideal for dates, work, and school. Both younger, and older people may like it since it is both mature, and new. I would recommend owning this fragrance as a great day-to-day, after-shower fragrance that can be sprayed liberally, and leaves you feeling clean, and fresh. For exceptional events, something more complicated, and durable would be preferable.

Legend kind of reminds me of a cross between Curve, and Abercrombie Fierce. When you first spray it, it smells almost exactly like Fierce, and a few hours later, in my view, it smells a little more like Curve. Feels a little stale, but if you enjoyed any of those perfumes, you probably won’t mind this one too.

Montblanc Legend is an exquisite, gentlemanly fougere that, oddly, doesn’t have much of a barbershop vibe. although nothing special. It has a sharpness to it that tastes especially fresh in warmer temperatures, making it ideal for spring and summer nights. I tend not to use it in the fall and winter since it may be extremely harsh, almost sharp, in the cooler weather.


Legend is Montblanc’s greatest fragrance offering. Montblac is a pen company, and although they do produce fragrances they are kind of lacking. However, some of them are rather good, and distinctive. The major issue I have with Montblanc perfumes is that they produce inferior scent profiles that barely pass muster in terms of smell, and originality. Montblanc would be a fantastic company if they genuinely maintained the aroma profile of many of their colognes, and invest some money in raising the quality of ingridents used in their fragrances. All the following perfumes have amazing aroma profiles: Individuel, Starwalker, Emblem, Legend night, and Legend. It’s just a shame they don’t last that long, and lose their character fast.

Legend by Montblanc is an Aromatic Fougere scent. 2011 saw the release of Legend. Olivier Pescheux is the nose behind this scent. Lavender, Pineapple, Bergamot, and Lemon Verbena make up the top notes of this fragrance. Red Apple, Dried Fruits, Oak Moss, Geranium, Coumarin, and Rose make up the middle notes, while Tonka Bean and Sandalwood make up the base.


My initial opinion on Montblanc Legend is that it feels akin to Fierce from Abercrombie & Fitch. Fierce may be compared to a dynamic college kid who is pleasant to hang out with but doesn’t cause too much problems. Legend is still the same person, but they have grown up. The person still utilizes the same charm at work to take care of business, and establish themselves as a leader.

Given that the perfumer behind Monthblanc Legend (Olivier Pescheux) has experience taking perfumes made for young men (One Million), and adapting them for a more mature clientele, the mature component of Legend is hardly a surprise.

Montblac Legend is an approachable fragrance, at a great price point. However, it is nothing remarkable. Tonka, and vivid fruits are present in the opening, and are balanced by lavender. The fruits in this fragrance are tropical, and rather tart. The perfume is more masculine because of the earthy tonka, and fragrant lavender.

As the top notes fade away, pineapple changes to apple, and lavender becomes moss. There is also a faint hint of wood. After an hour, performance begins to decline as the fruits gradually deteriorate. More tonka/coumarin, moss, and earthy notes are backed by an airy, dry wood base that makes up the dry down. Little sweetness is still present.

The dry down is woody and a little generic over the following couple of hours. appealing yet a touch monotonous.

Overall, Montblac Legend is a nice but unmemorable fougere with a synthetic fruity vibe. As it loses strength, the aroma does rapidly turn into a woodsy dry down. Legend is a very universally attractive, safe, and secure item that also makes a great present. Given its low price, the cologne is good a good choice for money.

Fragrance Facts – Montblanc Legend

Who is the perfumer behind Montblanc Legend?

Olivier Pescheux

What notes are in Montblanc Legend?

Lemon Verbena
Red Apple
Dreid Fruits
Oak Moss
Tonka Bean

How is the sillage. and longevity of Montblanc Legend?

Montblanc Legend has decent projection, and poort sillage. The projection during the first hour of spraying is very good, but then it keeps tapering down until the fragrance becomes a skin scent. The performance of the fragrance is below average. It tends to stay closer to the skin, and isn’t an announcing perfume, rather it gently lingers around you, and only rarely shows itself to the outerworld.

The lifespan of Montblanc Legend is average at best. I can get around 4-5 hours of solid use from this fragrance. However, the fragrance intensity starts to drop down after the first 1 hour of spraying. Montblanc Legend is a great fragrance for everyday carrying, due to how cheap you can find it at fragrance discounters. The fragrance is an excellent value for money, considering it smells great, is a mass-appealing fragrance, and is inexpensive. You can fidn some great deals if you search around. The price to performance ratio for fragrance is decent. Montblanc Legend is a good cologne in my opinion, it could have been an excellent one, if Montblanc decided to invest more in material quality for the fragrance. It has an excellent DNA, too bad it does not last that long.

How versatile is Montblanc Legend?

Montblanc Legend has very good versatility throughout the year. It is perfect for any occasion, any time of day. Legend can work good in cold, or warm weather. Although, you might have to reapply the fragrance multiple times throughout the day. The fragrance can be worn by people of any age, but I’d reserve it for more mature individual. Younger individuals if they like the style of this fragrance, can go for something like Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce. If you are looking for a neiche offering similar to Legend, I believe Parfums De Marly Percival is a good alternative. Montblanc Legend is an great masculine fragrance, that is excellent for wearing to work as well.

Montblanc Legend performance is average. While it isn’t very unique, it’s a pleasant scent to wear on a regular basis. It is also inoffensive, and adaptable because of its tight sillage. This cologne can work well for active situations as well. So if you are looking for a gym scent this is a great choice.

Montblanc Legend is a lovely fragrance with a pleasant scent. It’s fruity but yet has a freshness to it, like a tidy, well-groomed man. A man, I would assume, who has Montblanc writing instruments, and accessories I find it to be seductive. With a scent this diverse, you can’t go wrong.

Fragrance Classification – Montblanc Legend

Montblanc Legend Fragrance Review


Unfortunately, due to Montblanc’s use of low-quality, and inexpensive ingredients. Legend aroma profile is really held back. Honestly, Legend is one of Montblanc’s better-done fragrances. After much more practice with it, and various other options they provide, I think it’s probably the best. Explorer, their take on Aventus, is not at much to my taste. Despite all the fanfare it receives in the fragrance community, I don’t enjoy it very much. Nonetheless, Montblanc Legend is an excellent fragrance for the value it’s at.

Montblanc Legend is a wonderful aroma that works in both warmer, and colder temperatures, and is ideal for spring, and summer days. My collection includes more expensive perfumes, but I’m still surprised that this one still grabs my attention and has such a seductive smell. I will try to wear this more throughout the upcoming summer months.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Montblanc Legend. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on Montblanc Legend EDT in the comments below. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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