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Creed Royal Oud | Honest Fragrance Review

Extremely Elegant, and Classy – Creed Royal Oud Fragrance Review

In this article, I’ll be providing a review on Creed Royal Oud a fragrance by the house of Creed as evident by the name.

When traveling around the world, one might come across a wide range of oud-based smells, some of which are so dissimilar that it’s impossible to believe they all share a common denominator. In Creed Royal Oud the sweetest, and mellowest species of oud are used. Actual oud is a basis in Royal Oud that properly combines all other components together, acting as a catalyst to generate the most exquisite cedar, bergamot, lemon, and frankincense love tale without being histrionic or superficial. This fragrance is not unisex; it is very male throughout, and I simply adore it.

Royal Oud is a true scent that lives up to its name. It has the scent of something a monarch would wear. The cedar is lovely in this, and as it dries, the whole thing grows better and better. It’s both manly and elegant. The ideal scent for a suit or any formal occasion. This fragrance is also a great way to get ladies to compliment you.

Creed Royal Oud has a spicy, woody, somewhat sweet aroma that is incredibly appealing. You can sense the niche origins of this fragrance. Something that might not be true for some other creed fragrances. It’s not your typical off-the-shelf scent that you’d smell on the train or when shopping. Not like the Sauvages, Allure Hommes, or Le Males, which are all lovely scents but so well-known that you’ll blend in with the crowd. Everyone knows someone who smells like that already. This meaning might be positive or bad. In the case of Royal Oud, though, something jumps out, but not in a bad manner.


Creed designed its oud fragrance in response to several requests from clients, but they customized it to match the aesthetic of their fragrance house. Creed Royal Oud opulent blend of Persian and Parisian was inspired by the materials of a regal Persian palace: wood, leather, marble, and gold. Royal Oud is a gorgeous kaleidoscope of woody, aromatic green, and spicy characteristics in a sophisticated and warm fougere smell. The note of oud is an important component of the composition, and it works in harmony with the other pitches. However, it is not the dominating note in any way shape or form.

Creed’s Royal Oud is an Amber Fougere fragrance for men and women. The Royal Oud brand was established in 2011. Olivier Creed and Julien Rasquinet created Royal Oud. Pink Pepper, Lemon, and Sicilian Bergamot are the top notes; Cedar, Angelica, and Galbanum are the middle notes; while Sandalwood, Agarwood (Oud), and Musk are the base notes.


Creed Royal Oud begins loud and energetic, as is usual from Creed. This might also be due to the larger-than-average quantity that settles on the back of my hand with only one spray. I detect lemon at first, which is moderated by the presence of bergamot, ensuring that the olfactory beginning does not become too sour or stinging. The pepper starts at the same time and immediately imparts a spicy aroma to the scent.

Later as Galbanum and Lebanon Cedar, both highly acclaimed in the aroma table, are utilized, the citric-spicy character starts to evolve. Galbanum contributes to the fragrance’s gentle green juiciness, evoking natural conifers. Moreover, Royal Oud has a resinous quality to it that reminds me of a walk in the woods. The Lebanon cedar makes a lovely connection with the rest of the fragrance, and the entire fragrance image is now captivated by a very delicate and above all light woodiness, which differentiates itself from the cedar-only perfumes.

Creed’s Royal Oud is a mysterious scent. It’s fairly green, quite peppery, a little woody, and a little sweet. The Oud, on the other hand, is what I’m missing. There may be traces of Oud here and there, but this is far more of a sweet spicy woody composition than an Oud one in my opinion. It is not a bad thing. I just think that the marketing could be a bit misleading, maybe something like “Royal Cedar” would better describe the fragrance. Royal Oud is a non-oud lover’s oud, similar to Oud Wood, which is for individuals who prefer a flirty oud.

Fragrance Facts – Creed Royal Oud

Who is the perfumer behind Creed Millesime Imperial?

Olivier Creed, and Julien Rasquinet

What notes are in Creed Royal Oud?

Pink Pepper
Sicilian Bergamot
Agarwood (Oud)

How is the sillage. and longevity of Creed Royal Oud?

Creed Millesime Imperial has average projection. and below average sillage. The performance of the fragrance is quite good, compared to other creed offerings.

The lifespan of the Creed Millesime Imperial is decent at most. I can get around 3-4 hours of solid use from this fragrance. However, the longer the scent stays on my skin the more multifaceted it becomes, maturing into an exquisite skin scent after a couple of hours. The fragrance is an ok value for money, considering it smells opulent, and very elegant. However, if the performance was better, I’d give this a perfect score.

How versatile is Creed Royal Oud?

Creed Royal Oud is a fragarnce for a royal gentleman who has an above average presence, and attracts attention to himself without being noisy. He’s like a king in a tailored suit: elegant, regal, unique, and appealing – without the obvious crown, purple cloak, colored robe, or loud marching band. Even if he never says so, one can tell he’s a king when he leaves the palace in the morning, freshly bathed and smelling like spicy citrus.

Creed Royal Oud gives me an impression of an elegant gentleman, someone whose in the later stages of life. It’s definitely the scent of a man who takes pride in his appearance, and has an assertive, almost aristocratic personality. Creed Royal Oud is an excellent fragrance choice for the fall, and winter. Royal Oud can be worn in a variety of settings, an excellent choice if you are going somewhere low key such as a bar, cafe, restaurant, or a special occasion. The ideal age group for this scent would be people above the age of 30, in my opinion. I’m only saying this because I think those people would be the one who would truly appreciate the perfume for what it is.

Creed Royal Oud is a Fall/Winter perfume that is very cozy, and inviting. It has a faint clean smokiness to it, which reminds me of the scent of a very clean and well-dressed gentleman who smokes a high-end cigarette every now and then.

Fragrance Classification – Creed Royal Oud

Creed Royal Oud Fragrance Review


Creed’s Royal Oud is one of the greatest scents from the creed lineup, in my opinion. It begins fresh, with a strong cedar scent that is more woody than oudy. This is a “Oud from Creed,” which is an appropriate description given the fresh, and clean character of Creed’s smells. Behind all those woody sounds, there’s only a smidgeon of oud, which provides it a firm foundation and elevates it to a new level of masculinity. Royayl Oud smells amazing, and I’d know if I smelled it on someone who was serious about their work.

Royal Oud never ceases to wow me. This something that gives you that “it’s a classic scent” feel the moment you put your nose on it. It never annoys, but it also never disappoints. This is something I would give a 11 out of 10 rating.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Creed Royal Oud by Creed. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on Royal Oud in the comments. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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