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Creed Millesime Imperial | Honest Fragrance Review

A short-lived memento of once grand times | Creed Millesime Imperial Review

In this article, I’ll be providing a review on Creed Millesime Imperial a fragrance by the house of Creed as evident by the name.

Creed’s Millésime Impérial is a warm and romantic unisex scent inspired of sunny Sicily’s citrus trees and stunning seaside backdrop.

Creed Millesime Imperial is greatly under-appreciated, probably because of its short lifespan, but if I were to rate it only on the basis of its aroma, I would place it among the ‘perfect’ fragrances. It has everything I look for in a fresh scent: it’s light and airy, with a hint of underlying sweetness, and that particular lightness and transparency that you expect from fragrances meant to be worn in hot seasons.

The name is also extremely appropriate, as it has the air of a regal scent for the select few, with a note of austerity that makes it official. Now that Millesime Imperial has gotten into my hands, I had to write a review on it. Maritime scents are among my favorites, and I really like applying and wearing them at work.

Creed. A divisive moniker with aromas that have the potential to elicit more debate than the current US president. Some individuals despise them, while others worship them. Then there are some who fall somewhere in the middle. In this case, I agree with the latter. I don’t go down on my knees in humility, and neither do I have grey hair or wrinkles.


What I really want to commend Creed on is their product placement. With Aventus, they’ve produced a mainstream-friendly perennial, as well as niche classics like Green Irish Tweed, and theme-based scents like Himalaya or Virgin Island Water.

Creed’s Millesime Imperial is a Woody Floral Musk scent for ladies and men. In 1995, Millesime Imperial was introduced. Olivier Creed and Pierre Bourdon designed Millesime Imperial. Fruity Notes and Sea Salt are the top notes; Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot, Iris, and Mandarin Orange are the middle notes; while Sea Notes, Musk, and Woody Notes are the base notes.


Creed Millesime Imperial is a refreshing, marine summer scent that pays homage to the traditional smell direction of aquatic fragrances. I find the aroma to be simple and linear, which isn’t a negative thing. A linear smell development indicates a thorough understanding of the trade.

Millesime Imperial, the brighter cousin of Silver Mountain Water, removes all of the gloomy characteristics of Silver Mountain Water, and replaces them with brilliant fruits to create an outstanding spring and summer aroma. Watermelon is the fruit that stands out to me the most. However, it is not a traditional watermelon smell rather a more idealised depiction of a watermelon. It’s difficult to define, but this smell has the “green” and “red” qualities of a delicious slice of watermelon. Hehe.

The fruity salinity of the first notes is simply lovely, and warming toward not just you, but all with whom you come into touch. This effect is enhanced if Millesime Imperial is used during the hot seasons of the year. After around two hours, the centre splits up, revealing a beautiful zesty floral component that lifts the perfume even further.

The dry down is noticeable after another two to three hours, with a beautiful somewhat woody musky aquatic finish that is absolutely great. I feel compelled to call attention to the dry down because it is expertly mixed to give even musk skeptics like myself the pleasure and satisfaction of musk.

Fragrance Facts – Creed Millesime Imperial

Who is the perfumer behind Creed Millesime Imperial?

Olivier Creed, and Pierre Bourdon

What notes are in Creed Millesime Imperial?

Fruity Notes
Sea Salt
Sicilian Lemon
Mandarin Orange
Sea Notes
Woody Notes

How is the sillage. and longevity of Creed Millesime Imperial?

Creed Millesime Imperial has average projection. and an average sillage. The performance of the fragrance is below average.

The lifespan of the Millesime Imperial is somewhat disappointing. The older batches pre 2014 used to last a lifetime. However, with the new formulations it’s the same DNA, but not the same character. I can only get around 2-3 hours of solid use from this fragrance. But boy oh boy are those 2 to 3 hours a stroll through heaven. It turns to a skin scent after a the initial 2-3 hours. The fragrance is an ok value for money, considering it smells great, but severely lacks in performance.

How versatile is Creed Millesime Imperial?

Creed Millesime Imperial is a scent of simple pleasures. For people who have evolved to the point where they consider simple pleasures to be among life’s greatest riches. There is no greater freedom, comfort, or relief for them from this world, and its concerns than in these simple pleasures.

Creed Millesime Imperial gives me an impression of a mature gentleman, someone in there early 30’s or later. It’s definitely the scent of a man who takes pride in his appearance, and has an assertive, almost aristocratic personality. Creed Millesime Imperial is an excellent fragrance choice for the spring, and summer. Creed Millesime Imperial can be worn in a variety of settings. However, my only opinion would be to always dress somewhat sheek while wearing this scent. The ideal age group for this scent would be people above the age of 30, in my opinion. I’m only saying this because I think those people would be the one who would truly appreciate the perfume for what it is.

Creed Millesime Imperial is a Spring/Summer smell that may be worn for any occasion, since the lighter aspects of the fragrance are amplified by heat while remaining delicate enough not to be irritating.

Fragrance Classification – Creed Millesime Imperial

Creed Millesime Imperial Fragrance Review


Creed Millesime Imperial is a light and delightful perfume, yet with enough substance to get you through a chilly spring day. This is a very pleasant scent that I would suggest to anyone, especially if they are new to the fragrance world.

One of my favorite summer colognes is Millesime Imperial. It has a wonderful salty, fruity, aquatic fragrance. It’s just very sad that the fragrance does not last that long on me. However, when I wear it, I receive a lot of praises.

Creed Millesime Imperial lacks the energy that today’s generations are looking for. Its traits, on the other hand, are understated and have a firm, mature foundation. Like Oliver’s antique heart, it’s quite old-school—and well-executed. A mature audience would appreciate this scent much more than any youngster.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Creed Millesime Imperial by Creed. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on Creed Millesime in the comments. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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    Excellent review. I must say it’s quite detailed. Millisime Imperial is one of my favourite fragrance as well. Cheers 🙂

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