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DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE | Honest Fragrance Review

Great Smell, Awful Performance – DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP Fragrance Review

Dolce & Gabbana The One is round, manly, and beautiful, and it doesn’t draw much attention to itself, yet it’s a scent thats there when you need it. It’s a great modern gentleman fragrance. It has the ability to seduce those around you quietly in the background, especially if someone approaches you too closely.

Dolce & Gabbana The One is a lovely, well-balanced fragrance. With the Ginger, and Cardamom blended in, the Basil, Coriander, and Grapefruit in the opening give a luscious, and fizzy sensation. This scent has a captivating charm, and a firm basis thanks to the Cedar and Amber present in the base. It reminds me of working on a barn conversion with ancient oak floors, and cedar beams since the Cedar smells so natural. It feels warm and inviting, and it’s heavenly when you smell it stepping out of the shower feeling clean and soapy. It’s also alluring, and sensual which gives you more confidence when meeting a female for a date or being in close quarters with her.

Even though orange flowers are stated in the fragrance pyramid, The One has a definite orange note that I would characterise as tangy rather than flowery. I don’t detect any distinct grapefruit, but a subtle acidic component serves as a lovely counterpoint to The One’s non-vanilla, non-intrusive sweetness. The whole meal is finished off with a spice that is more “abstractly Far Eastern” than “Mediterranean,” in my opinion. I would not object to any of the suggested notes, including basil, cardamom, coriander, and tobacco. However, there are other notes that are more prominent and recognized by my nose.

The One’s aroma is extremely beautifully balanced, and it just wants to please, and requests individuals to come closer. A wonderful ambery perfume. I’d recommended this as a terrific choice for date night, and it’s really pleasant and peaceful. It’s not particularly powerful, so it’s best for small gatherings. It lasts long enough to get you through the evening, but don’t expect it to last all day or go far.


The One for Men was introduced by Dolce & Gabbana in 2008 with the intention of becoming a macho classic. The One for Men Eau de Parfum debuted in 2015 as an improved, heavier version of the smell. The delicate top notes of coriander, basil, and grapefruit lead to a warm combination of ginger, orange blossom, and cardamom in the center. The base of the perfume is dominated by tobacco, seductive amber, and cedar.

Dolce & Gabbana’s One for Men Eau de Parfum is a Woody Spicy scent for men. Olivier Polge is the nose behind this scent. Grapefruit, Coriander, and Basil are the top notes; Ginger, Cardamom, and Orange Blossom are the middle notes; while Amber, Tobacco, and Cedar are the base notes.


Dolce & Gabbana’s The One is a wonderful perfume that would be one of my all-time favorites for fall, if it weren’t for the disappointing performance. It’s impossible to overspray this one. Simply get a large bottle and plan on rehydrating several times each day.

What I appreciate best about The One is how well it balances the notes it’s composed with. The fragrance does it in such a well-coordinated manner. Furthermore, I’m also appreciative of the fact that the perfume remains fresh, and effervescent despite the sweetness and heavy tobacco/amber drydown.

Dolce & Gabbana’s The One starts off quite delicious and tropical, and the grapefruit is clearly discernible. At the same time, there are warming, highly manly elements that give the scent its unique fruity, tropical, and dark deep character. It’s a really effective scent formulation, nothing ever gets in the way of one another, all notes are in harmony with each other. It’s a simple to use, and appropriate for any occasion type of fragrance. Women seem to love it a-lot as well.

The citrus, peppery, and dark woody elements of The One EDP open with moderate projection. The beginning is bright, black, bold, one-of-a-kind, and appealing. Grapefruit, cardamom, ginger, and tobacco are the most prominent notes at first. The bitter and citrus notes of the grapefruit are only visible for a brief duration, bringing a new touch to the olfactory experience. However, this gleaming tone will soon be relegated to the background. Tobacco, cardamom, ginger, and amber all build swiftly, and take the lead in the scent. The tobacco in this scent is a deep, warm, smoky, and dark note reminiscent of black cigar tobacco; The ginger, and cardamom are equally prominent, creating a crisp, fresh, resinous, bitter, and spicy concord.


Who is the perfumer behind DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP?

Olivier Polge

What notes are in DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP?

Orange Blossom

How is the sillage. and longevity of DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP?

DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP has below average projection, and equally underperforming sillage. The performance of the fragrance is disappointing, and it only projecting the intial hour of spraying the fragrance. After the initial hour it quickly loses it’s potency, and becomes a skin scent.

The lifespan of the DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP is nothing exceptional. I can get around 2-3 hours of solid use from this fragrance. This fragrance smells amazing, it’s just sad to see the hit it takes for it’s mediocre performance. The only way you can keep rocking the fragrance throughout the day, is to keep reapplying the perfume regularly throughout the day.

The fragrance is an ok value for money, considering it smells great, isn’t took expensive, and the ladies definitely love it. However, I can’t say it’s a bang-for-your-buck fragrance because it performance is bad.

How versatile is DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP?

I can’t think of an occasion when this Dolce & Gabanna The One wouldn’t be appropriate. It has a wide range of use cases. This is most likely due to its timeless notes composition. It’s described as spicy-sweet, but I see him this fragrance with a woody character as well. Similarly, the fragrance has particular freshness associated with it as well. Hence, it is appropriate for any season.

The One is a fragrance that is not specific to any one season. Although it’s woody sweetness fits well with fall, it works very well for other seasons. The only time the fragrance might not be a good use would be during a high heat hot summer day.

Despite its age, Dolce & Gabbana is one of the perfumes that never loses its appeal. It begins seductively and fruitily. With time, the tobacco grows more potent. The fruits are pushed to the side. It’s alluring, and it exuded authority while being restrained. If it weren’t for the low durability and sillage, this may have been considered a designer that smells niche.

Dolce & Gabanna The One EDP has a sensuous, and seductive sweetness that is complemented with a nice spiciness. It is a great spicy sweet sensual fragrance.

Fragrance Classification – DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP



Dolce & Gabanna The One is a really elegant, sensual, and manly fragrance. It smells great, but it’s a little generic, and doesn’t stand out much from other major men perfume. When it comes to performance, people criticise it far too harshly for poor projection. However, to it’s defence this is a sophisticated date fragrance, not a nightclub perfume. The One isn’t a perfume that is about casting a broad net, and collecting accolades from complete strangers. It emanates self-assurance since it makes no attempt to attract attention. It’s appreciated by you, and that someone whose already close to, allowing you to just add a special touch to your already exciting character.

DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE Fragrance is an outstanding scent with a very weak lifespan ! With more durability, this perfume would be amongst my top 10 fragrances.

I hope you enjoyed my review on DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP by DOLCE & GABBANA. As always, if you’ve found the article interesting don’t forget to share it with others. I’d love to know about your thought on DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE EDP in the comments. Take care, god bless, and keep smelling fantastic. 🙂

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